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30 Day Student Blogging Challenge: Introducing . . .

Well the 30 Day Blogging Challenge has begun and I have my students I’m mentoring! ┬áDo me a favor and check out their blogs, won’t you?

Chris: Minecraft and Football

Olivia: Softball and Talking

Braxton: Football and Baseball

Megan: Reading and Playing Volleyball

Abby: The Color Pink and Playing the Flute

Aaron: Video Games and Reading

Liam: Baseball and Basketball

Jacob: Technology and Art

Will: Soccer and Xbox

Louis: Golf and Hockey

Donovan: Tennis and Football

Mitch: Football and Baseball

Brooke: Horseback Riding and Art

John: Making Dubstep and Parkour

Cogan: Writing, Reading, and Swimming

Nicholas: Motorcross and Lacrosse

Audrey: Video Games and Skateboarding

Heather: Swimming and Diving

Brooke: Volleyball and Dance

Travis: Elvis Presley and Band

Savannah: Field Hockey and Art

Lindsey: Art and Poetry

Gillian: Basketball and Crafts

Briana: Reading and Writing

Kenzie: Basketball and Volleyball

Benjamin: Hockey and Tennis

Allison: Tennis and Reading

Desirae: Texting and Watching Scary Movies

Simon: Soccer and Piano

Jared: Video Games and Sports

Jonathan: Drawing and Archery

Kenzie: Volleyball and Cheerleading

Michaela: Softball and Field Hockey

Olivia: Horseback Riding and Basketball

Hunter: Baseball and Video Games

Ryan: Cooking and Gaming