My name is Kate Degner.  I taught high school and middle school math for 7 years before coming to work full time at the Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa.  Now, I work as part of the STEM initiative team.  I’m also the administrator for the Iowa Online AP Academy and the Secondary Student Training Program.  I love math and I love the way it just seems to pop up when you least expect it.

I love Jon Scieszka’s book Math Curse.  I hope we can all be cursed by math someday.  This blog is just the beginning of all of the ways math curses us!


P.S.  If you haven’t seen or heard of the Math Curse before, you must read it!  You could check it out from your local library, or if you want to buy it, its available here.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Melanie McNeil

    Hi Kate. I’m in the IC area, too. Saw your new post on hiking in Rocky Mtn Park. YES you were going too fast! 🙂 But very impressive. Hope you enjoyed it.

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