Monthly Archives: August 2014

Moving right along . . .

I’m two weeks in to my new job at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA.  I’m the newest tenure-track faculty member in the School of Education.  This semester I’m teaching the Theory of Arithmetic (Elementary Mathematics Methods/Content course) and Pre-Calculus.  It seems as though the last few weeks many people in my life have been talking about money . . . my husband talking about the lack of my paycheck (a slight annoyance when starting a new job . . . the one month lag in pay!), my students talking about the cost of textbooks, and everyone else at the University talking about the rising cost of tuition and the shrinking amount of state aid/student scholarships.  With money on the mind, I thought it’d be nice to check in with my stellar mathematics student from a few years ago who started a reverse savings plan during the first week of 2014.  (Remember her?)  If not, check out the posts here and here.  I’m checking in to see how she’s been doing and I’ll update you soon!