Un-Afraid, Un-intimidated, Un- . . .

You may have heard of this idea of choosing a “word” for the year 2014.  It’s basically a creative way to get you to think about how you want to live your life for the next 365 days.  For example, if you search the blogosphere you’ll come across words like “love,” “intentional,” “thoughtfulness, ” etc., etc.  Today at The Nest, she talks about having an un-word for the year.

I like the idea of having an “un-” word of the year.  For some reason, it appeals to me more than having a word of the year. I’d like the word of the year for this blog to be “Un-afraid” or “Un-intimidated.” (You pick.)

I started this blog because in my experience as a classroom teacher, some students and their parents seemed to be afraid of high school mathematics.  I would have students come into my classroom on the first day of a new semester and declare that they would be happy with a C, because they weren’t a math person.  Or that they were planning to suffer through Pre-Calculus in high school because they certainly didn’t want to have to suffer through mathematics in college.  When I would ask students to tell me something about themselves, inevitably, someone would write in big, bold letters across their paper


Or, they would warn me that even though their mother or father had a career in mathematics they had not inherited their “math gene.” (Which by the way doesn’t exist)

I used to reply to people making these declarations by saying, “Relax, it’s just math . . .”

So here’s the thing, whatever you’re afraid of or intimidated by; try it this year.  And, I’m even going to suggest that when you try it, you say to yourself  “relax, it’s just . . . ”  (In the meantime, I hope you’ll keep visiting this blog . . . because there’s nothing scary here!  We’re just doing a little math!)