Brrrr . . .

If you live in the middle part of the country, then you know its been super, super cold lately.  In Iowa City the high today was subzero and the windchill dipped to -40 degrees sometime this afternoon.  Lots and lots and people have been posting about the cold temps lately and the great thing about having lots of math teacher friends on Facebook, is that sometimes you get math teacher friends who are clever enough to post about the cold weather and mathematics simultaneously.  I wish I could say that these were my Facebook posts but they’re not.  I’m sharing them with you, so you can enjoy them also!  Wherever you are, I hope you’re warm.  Keep your fingers crossed for temps that creep above zero tomorrow!

First clever Facebook post:

“The windchill today is supposed to reach -40.  What’s the significance of a temperature of -40?”

Second clever Facebook post:

“If you’re a little chilly these next couple of days, try standing in the corner of the room . . . its about 90 degrees.”